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Grime Solutions can transform your dingy, dirty roof to look brand new! Our roof cleaning services in Harrisburg and surrounding areas in PA are the best! Our team has the experience to clean different type of shingles and materials for the best results. Learn more about our roof cleaning services below:



We spray an eco-friendly biodegradable chemical that releases the algae from the shingles. We then follow with a gentle rinse that safely washes away the unsightly stains on your roof giving you instant results without causing any damage to your shingles or vegetation. To further prevent damage to your roof, we wear a special shoe designed specifically for asphalt shingles.



Proper precautions must be taken when cleaning cedar shakes. These shingles are very delicate therefore you can’t just blast them with high pressure. Instead, we spray a chemical on the shingles that releases the algae and grime. Once the chemical has activated, we use a low pressure rinse to remove grime and organic growth. We also use an aerial lift so there is no need stand or lean on the cedar shakes.



While slate roofs are known for their durability, precautions must be taken when cleaning them. We spray the roof with our biodegradable cleaning solution that release algae and growth. After the solution is applied we use a low pressure rinse to remove organic growth to prevent the slate from flaking. We also an ariel lift so there’s no need walk on the slate, this is for our safety as well as eliminating the chance of shingles being broken.

Don't forget about your gutters!

If your gutters are not functioning properly because they are full of debris or the downspouts are clogged, you may be compromising your house’s foundation or putting your basement at risk for flooding. Clogged gutters also trap moisture along the roof-line and can lead to organic growth on your shingles as well as causing the wooden sheeting under the shingles to deteriorate.
Roof stain removal is a great way to enhance your roofs appearance. Just because your roof has stains doesn’t mean it needs replaced, many young roofs will have stains before they pass their prime.

We spray the roof with our eco-friendly cleaning solution that releases the algae and other organic growth from you roof. After the solution is applied and has a few minutes to activate we follow up with a low pressure rinse to remove the unsightly stains and organic growth. With our process you will see immediate results.

Roof stains are caused by algae and fungal growth, and can be typically found on the north-facing side of the roof that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. The most commons types of growth on roof shingles are:
  • Algae, these are the black streaks you see growing on your roof.
  • Lichen Colonies, the scaly light green patches you see growing in the more shaded areas.
  • Moss, the fuzzy green clumps growing on your roof, most commonly found in shaded damp areas.

The moss and lichen colonies have a root system and if left untreated can eat into the shingle causing granule loss and eventually causing roof leaks.

Never hire a contractor to power wash your roof this will cause significant granule loss. Also be wary of contractors who use Sodium Hypochlorite aka bleach, these contractors will come out and spray a mix of 12% bleach (twice the strength of household bleach) on your shingles to remove the organic growth. While bleach may kill the organic growth, it can also kill the vegetation around your house. Bleach fumes are also harmful to breathe in, especially for pets.

Why Choose Us

  • We use eco-friendly biodegradable chemicals that won’t harm vegetation, building materials, kids or pets.
  • Our team members are well trained professionals who are committed to offering quality workmanship.
  • Our team is dedicated to working in a safe manner while still maintaining efficiency.
  • Our trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to handle any size project.
  • We are a fully insured company that will stand behind our work.

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